Walnut Creek Wetlands
Education Website

About Walnut Creek


Welcome to the Walnut Creek Wetland education website. This website has been developed by eighth graders at Exploris Middle School in collaboration with city and community experts. It is intended to be used as an educational resource for the Walnut Creek Wetland Center. The Walnut Creek Wetland Center is located at the corner of Peterson Street and State Street in southeast Raleigh (maps). Walnut Creek runs through urban wetlands just south of downtown Raleigh near Rochester Heights and Carnage Middle School. The Walnut Creek Wetland Park currently includes 59 acres of land found between Garner Road and South State Street. The wetlands park is just a small piece of the Walnut Creek watershed that extends from west of Lake Johnson to the Neuse River in the east. We hope that by visiting this website and the Walnut Creek Wetland Center visitors will gain a deeper appreciation of the wetlands and the extended watershed.


Website Purpose


Over the past two years, Exploris Middle School eighth graders have been working weekly at Walnut Creek to document information about wildlife in the wetlands. Our website contains information about the wetlands based on our observations. The goal of this website is to have a place for visitors to get information about the wetlands and the wildlife found there. This website, however, does not include everything you might encounter in the wetlands; it is only a starting point. We hope that in the future, citizens of Raleigh will be able to document more species in the wetlands in order to have a better understanding of our local environment.